terça-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2014

Immaculate 2015 Collection by Diego Ferrer

“Immaculate collection begins with a strong feeling of memories of my childhood! As I was growing up in a Catholic School, I was deeply involved with all the tradition and rules that came with that life! I still remember the names of the saints and of course all the sinners along with the bad things they did. There were a few that always captured my attention, like Mary and Salome.

That is what this collection is based upon!

I tried to capture within all the dresses and styling the ancient essence of the contradiction between purity and impurity. Giving slightly more power to the impure side because just like the sinners I like to think I can break the rules of life!” – Diego Ferrer

Photographer: Andrea Botti
Designer: Diego Ferrer
Assistant: Thomas Powell
Models: Lisa Kazmierczak, Dominique Baravane and Estefania F Jaramillo


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